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Foxit Reader Portable (5.16MB)

A Better PDF Reader for Windows

Now with more PDF viewing, PDF mark-up and PDF collaboration features – MORE features than ANY other PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is a small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer for Microsoft Windows, which allows you to open, view, and print any PDF file. Foxit PDF Reader is secure, offering 3-three levels of PDF viewing security to protect against malicious PDF files.

Enterprise Ready PDF Platform

Foxit PDF Reader is designed to meet the PDF viewing needs of enterprise and government organizations. Foxit PDF Reader contains numerous PDF customization options making it an easy to deploy PDF Reader that meets most organizations’ business objectives, adherence to ISO32000 standards and PDF viewing requirements.

More info
Office Tools | Views: 4450 | Added by: tixunu | Date: 05-December-10 | Comments (0)


Foxit Phantom Portable (10.47MB)

Foxit Phantom PDF Suite is a business ready PDF toolkit, with everything you need to create professional PDF documents and streamline business processes: fast, easy to use, priced to fit smaller budgets and is a sensible alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

With Foxit Phantom PDF Suite you can create standards compliant PDF files from hundreds of files types up to 3 times faster than with competitor tools.  Foxit Phantom extensive PDF creation abilities lets you combine, merge and split documents based on page numbers, page outlines or bookmarks.

Foxit Phantom PDF Suite includes numerous features and functions such as; Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and creation of headers, footers and watermarks to improve document flow and work efficiency.

More info
Office Tools | Views: 2750 | Added by: tixunu | Date: 05-December-10 | Comments (2)

Ashampoo Office Portable 2010

Ashampoo Office Portable 2010 (rev 568) (73.86 MB)

Ashampoo Office 2010 is a powerful, efficient, yet easy to handle office software that serves the needs of both private users and companies. Create extensive documents fast and with total ease, streamline and enhance your spreadsheets with meaningful charts, and grab your audience’s attention with multimedia-based presentations – and pay less. Ashampoo Office 2010 costs only a fraction of what other well-known software costs.

With the word processor Ashampoo TextMaker, the spreadsheet Ashampoo PlanMaker, and the presentation graphics program Ashampoo Presentations, Ashampoo Office 2010 provides you with the most important applications for home and office use alike. Ashampoo Office 2010 offers superior compatibility to Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice, i.e. it reads and writes Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with highest accuracy. The program even enables you to set your default file types to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Office Tools | Views: 3572 | Added by: tixunu | Date: 10-November-10 | Comments (0)

Ashampoo Office 2008 Portable

Ashampoo Office Portable 2008 (rev 489) (37.27 MB)

It goes without saying that the most important thing is the fact that reading and writing in the original Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without losses of content or in terms of formatting presents no problem for the Ashampoo Office 2008. That means that every user of the Ashampoo Office is able to open, modify and then save a Word file in exactly the same way as if the work had been done in Word itself.

Ashampoo Office 2008 is supplied with the word processing tool Ashampoo TextMaker, the spreadsheet program Ashampoo PlanMaker and – brand new in the current version – the presentations software Ashampoo Presentations.
Office Tools | Views: 1916 | Added by: tixunu | Date: 10-November-10 | Comments (0)


Foxit Reader Portable (4.61 MB)
Office Tools | Views: 868 | Added by: tixunu | Date: 09-August-10 | Comments (0)


Foxit Reader Pro Portable (5.47 MB)
Office Tools | Views: 1321 | Added by: tixunu | Date: 08-August-10 | Comments (0)

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